Divorce hurts.  It’s rarely easy for the people involved but Zach Buys Atlanta Houses can make selling the marital home, as well as vacation homes throughout Georgia and the Southeast, a quick and painless process.  During this difficult times you probably have a million things on your mind, including selling your Atlanta house quickly.  Often when people get divorced, they need to sell their Atlanta home fast for a variety of reasons – often times they need cash fast to cover expenses and other times selling your Atlanta house is a condition of the divorce settlement.  No matter what your situation or reason is, we will help you to get rid of your house fast.

At this point, you are most likely ready to move on and put the past behind you.  Zach will help you by paying cash for your house in it’s current as-is condition.  The price we offer is the amount you will get – there’s no deducting for commissions, closing costs, or anything else.

Contact Zach today to discuss how we can help to make this difficult time a little bit easier.