Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to the good people of Atlanta, Georgia and occasionally this means the possibility of losing your home to foreclosure.  An addition to the threat of losing your house, the immediate and long-term effects on your credit can be devastating and can prevent you from owning another home, financing a car or even getting a credit card for years to come.

Zach works with hard working people all over Atlanta to prevent foreclosure and save your credit.  I know that people get into tough situations for many reasons that are beyond their control and they might not deserve.  I will help you to preserve your good name and credit so you can get back on your feet again.

Some of the benefits of working with Zach to stop foreclosure are:

  • We will work fast with simple, easy to understand paperwork
  • There are no closing costs
  • There are no commissions to realtors, or anyone else
  • We will buy your house in it’s current as-is condition

We can complete a transaction in as little as 24 hours and stop the foreclosure process in it’s tracks.

Fill out the contact form on the right and Zach will contact you right away to stop foreclosure today.